This is the fine that Christian Chávez would pay for modifying the Mexican flag

Christian Chávez displays the Mexican flag with the colors of the LGBTQ+ community at a RBD concert.

Christian Chavez once again stars in a scandal for his actions in the middle of the RBD reunion tour of the United States.

After being criticized for wear a pink charro-style suit and tennis shoesto the extent that the queen of the Mexican Charrería Federation, Luisa Echeverriaasked the singer not to use the charro suit outside of the canons that the clothing represents, Christian Chávez is once again in the eye of the hurricane.

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On this occasion, the singer received and showed the public the flag of Mexico with the colors (of the rainbow) of the LGBTQ+ community during an RBD concertinstead of green, white and red, causing the euphoria of many attendees, but also generating negative comments on the networks, due to the serious offense he committed against our national flagwell the Mexican law indicates that it is punishable to modify or alter the national symbolsso Chávez could be punished for what he did.

At the moment, the Ministry of the Interior of our country has not issued any comment in this regard, but the infractions for this offense that the actor also committed they range from a fine of one million pesos to a 36-hour arrest.

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The Law on the National Coat of Arms, Flag and Anthem points out that it is the responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior to monitor compliance with this law; In this function all the authorities of the country assist him. It is the responsibility of the educational authorities to monitor compliance in educational establishments. The Civic Development Department can guide you on how to correctly use the National Symbols.

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