This is the impressive look with which Shakira overshadowed Clara Chía

Shakira was showered with compliments!

Comparisons between Shakira and Clara Chía continue, but the Colombian singer takes the lead by overshadowing the look of her ex’s girlfriend.

Shakira continues to enjoy her free time with his kids, milan and sashaabove all, alone, traveling the world, taking care of her musical and personal commitments, after her media separation of Gerard Piqué.

Recently, Shakira has sparked rumors of a possible relationship that goes beyond friendship with the British pilot lewis hamilton.


Shakira and Lewis Hamilton could take their friendship to the next level.

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Colombian singer46, made a trip to London and was in the Formula 1supporting lewis hamilton38 years old, international media reported.

El Nacional de Catalunya was one of the media that referred to this recent appearance of the Barranquillera, highlighting “her outfit that made her look impressive and different.”

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“She seemed determined to rock because she has chosen a futuristic look with sunglasses, a bag from the future, black leather pants and a jean bustier. Small as she is, the Colombian walked through the paddock with a firm step towards stardom”, reviewed the Spanish website.

The Spanish newspaper made a comparison with a look worn by the girlfriend of Gerard Piqué at a social event. The informative space pointed out that Piqué’s young girlfriend went more for the elegant and casual, while Shakira resorted to the big fashion leagues to destroy anything.

They criticize-Clara-Chía's-look-and-applaud-Shakira's-look.jpg

They compare Clara Chía’s look with Shakira’s.

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“It’s his way of sinking Clara Chiawho in her simplicity, walked through Barcelona in black sneakers and a very youthful miniskirt, pretty, but light years away from the devastating look of Shakira, who had herself photographed by an image artist, Nicolas Gerardin: This duel between the two women of Gerard Piqué is shamelessly beaten by Shakira, who runs in a Formula 1 car.”

The medium, in addition to ensuring that Shakira “sunk” Clara Chía with this lookmentioned the attributes and decisions that the singer has made, seeking to show off and leave behind the image she had when she was in Spain, which did not cause a great sensation like now.

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“Shakira, who is on her way to turning 50, a mother of a family, prefers to look like a MILF with a great look that must cost more money than the car that Clara Chía drives. That explains why Piqué preferred one to the other. The Twingo may be better than the Ferrari, or Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes. It is utilitarian and does not leave you stranded ”, added the portal.

even the portal Cosmopolitan Mexico highlighted a photograph of Shakira from 2001 when she was 24 years old, the age she is today Clara Chia Marti.