This is the reason why Margarita Rosa de Francisco never used Botox

“Coffee with the aroma of a woman”, “Paradise travel” or “Playing with fire” are just some of the movies and series where the colombian actress Pink Daisy of Francis He has shone with all his talent.

The former partner of the musician Carlos Vives has always stood out for its talent and for her beautybut recently it went viral on social media for a controversial statement.

What did Margarita Rosa say about Francisco?

At 57 years old, Margarita Rosa de Francisco assured that she is willing to live and see their aging in a natural and calm way.

Through a TikTok videothe Colombian actress made a criticism towards those who criticize her for her appearance.

“It strikes me that here on TikTok they are not yelling at me face how old I am. Me at this moment I’m 57 years old and the spectacle of my own aging It’s something I don’t want to miss. I don’t want to wear no more botox or fillersI don’t want any of that,” he began by saying. pink daisy.

“I want to see, I am eager to see my aging and that’s it. Before when I was 40 if I had that old age crisis, and I got stuffed on the lips and botox everywherebut hey, they were things that went away with time. But since the pandemic I did not do it again no skin treatment,” the actress continued.

“Somehow the pandemic taught me to accept myself physically, to accept me as I am”, concluded Margarita Rosa de Francisco.
Undoubtedly the message of the actress is very powerfuland several of his fans and users from TikTok celebrated his words. I see a woman who despite the years still beautiful. The most beautiful thing to accept your wrinkles is that they are thanks to God for each day of life ”, “You are beautiful”, “Aging with dignity”, “You are beautiful Gaviotica”, are just some of the messages and comments who received Pink Daisy of Francis