This is the romantic birthday present that Luis Miguel gave to Paloma Cuevas

Luis Miguel is more in love than ever with Paloma Cuevas.

Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas have been in a sentimental relationship for just over a year.

It is no longer a secret that Luis Miguel is very much in love with his Spanish girlfriend, Paloma Cuevasso the famous singer He shone by giving her a huge bouquet of 500 roses on her 51st birthdaywith a cost of 60 thousand Mexican pesos, as Mickey He usually does it on special occasions, Spanish media reported.

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The ex-partner of the bullfighter Enrique Ponce he spent a family birthday, together with his two daughters, without his love, ‘El Sol’, who finished his presentations in South America, to continue his Luis Miguel Tour 2023 in the next few days in Las Vegas.

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