This is the story of Gaby Goldsmith; She got married at 16 and became a mother at 17.

“I am an actress. My real name is Ruth Gabriela Goldschmied Guash; “I was born in CDMX on September 11, 1963.”

“I am the only child of the marriage between the Mexican judo champion Gabriel Goldschmied, of Hungarian-German descent, and the Cuban actress Carmen Guash; They divorced before I was one year old. He remarried, and thanks to that I have half-siblings.”


1964. On his first birthday.

Cristino Valerio, Ricardo

“My childhood was very eventful; My mom became a real estate broker and we moved house all the time. As I was always diligent, she made an effort to have me in the best schools. I enjoyed playing soccer and being a goalkeeper, riding a bike and figure skating; I did figure and jump, and I hurt my knees from so many falls. I have scars everywhere (laughs)”.

At 11 years old I was a lolita (seductive teenager); physically I developed very quickly, I learned flirtation… I started modeling at 13, I participated in commercials, radio… Infatuated with leaving home, at 16 I married the handsome guy from the neighborhood, a recently qualified dentist and seven years older. In 1980 we became Abril’s parents, and I chose to study Dentistry to achieve greater affinity with my husband, but…”

Gabriela Goldsmith


Televisa Editorial

“Unfortunately we failed; I dropped out of college, I continued participating in commercials, and my husband didn’t like that. At 19 I won Model of the Year., a contest that opened the doors of acting for me, but it was also the straw that broke the camel’s back in my relationship. “I didn’t want to get divorced like my parents, but I reached a limit and made the decision at 21.”


1982. She won the ‘Model of the Year’ contest.

“Being a mother, student and actress, it was hard to always bring my daughter running from one place to another, or sometimes leave her with her nanny or my mother; I needed time to be with her. In fact, I had to turn down job offers; I don’t regret what I did to give her the time she deserved.; “It helped me mature, because responsibility makes you grow.”

Gabriela Goldsmith


Televisa Editorial

“I have had few relationships, but lasting ones; I tried not to have famous boyfriends or pretty and frivolous children. When I acted in the play Engáñame… if you want, I met the businessman Raúl Simancas, with whom I had a perfect relationship for eight years.; I even contemplated the possibility of remarrying, but it didn’t work out. I went through a difficult stage that no one knows about and fortunately I overcame.”


1998. He acted in the play Engáñame… if you want.

Cristino Valerio, Ricardo

In August 2005 I founded Code Ayuda, an association focused on rescuing children and adolescents in street situations.. Two years later I completed a master’s degree in Social Responsibility. I am very disciplined and perfectionist, although sometimes I go overboard; especially with exercise. For me it is important to feel and look good to perform in what I do.”

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In November 2015 I was awarded an honorary doctorate for my social work., and my parents accompanied me to receive it. Since her divorce in 1964, they got along very well. Unfortunately my mother died on February 3, 2022. She will never be a memory, for me she is always there and she will be present in my heart.”


2015. Obtained an Honoris Causa Doctorate.

This September 11th I turned 60 years old., and I feel happy, full of successfully developing what I have set out to do. I was left wanting to have more children; Not getting married anymore, I’m at peace. I have never regretted what I have done, every single thing allows me to be here today. I have learned from my mistakes, they are part of the process of growing up. I have always said that the best is yet to come.”

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