This is the viral video with which Chayanne conquers TikTok

Chayanne’s viral TikTok video took a snippet of it and is used in random situations.


The “Approved by Chayanne” video is going viral with clips that lack context, but are still pretty funny.

Chayanne It has become a trend in recent daysand although its recent launch ‘Dancing bachata’ has left funny videos on the Internet, It is another viral clip that started on TikTok and X (formerly Twitter) that is going around the world. The trend is known as “Approved by Chayanne” and has been so popular that it is now used for any random situation.

In general, The viral video shows the Puerto Rican singer with his back turned, and then turns towards the camera and expresses the phrase and winks.. Thousands of clips on social networks have reached millions of views for such a fun moment.

Fans have used it for work situations, family situations and even some brands have taken advantage of the trend to offer products and services. Here are some:


Dad approved it ✅ #approvedbychayanne #CapCut

♬ original sound – goca_oscar


Credit of the original video @Gar_ane, Chayanne already approved us, how exciting!!!! #approvedbychayanne #CapCut #mhacosplay #cosplayermexicano #fypシ #amigoscosplayers

♬ original sound – Gaby M CR


#approved bychayanne #for you #hypppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp #public approved by chayanne 😙

♬ original sound – Andyvega

These contents have unleashed comments such as: “If Chayanne says it, it is true. I have no proof, but I have no doubts either”, “Whatever Chayanne says, that is”, “If Chayanne says it, we will listen to him”, and “Chayanne gave me permission”.

This is the origin of Chayanne’s video on TikTok

The origin of the viral video “Approved by Chayanne” comes from one of his reaction videos on his official channelwhere he takes some clips of fans who join the trend by dancing to his song ‘Bailando Bachata’.

A user cut out the silhouette of the ‘Tiempo de waltz’ singer and placed it in a video without context. This is how users have joined taking this funny clip as a reference.

How can you make Chayanne video on TikTok and Instagram?

If you want to join the “Approved by Chayanne” trend, it is very easy to get the green screen video. This will allow you to add a video or photo in the background, to create your own context.

TikTok user “@marcuslest” shared an example:


approved x Chayanne Green screen #chayanne #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Marcuslest

To do this you must follow the following steps:

  1. In TikTok’s video options, there is an option called Green Screen.
  2. Then, it is important to go to the gallery from the app and choose the photo or video you want to place in the background.
  3. And ready! This way you can share a fun moment on your profile.