This is what Galilea Montijo looked like when she was a beauty queen in Jalisco… and this she thought of love

The Jalisco tv girl of 1993 was Galilea Montijo. In that year, the host and actress participated in the national competition in which Raúl Velasco was the master of ceremonies while Eugenio Cobo (one of the most prestigious acting teachers in Mexico) was on the jury.

It was precisely Cobo who asked Galilea Montijo the question in the final of the contest: “For you, what are the most important forms of love in human beings?”

Natalia Esperón and Susana González were also present at that competition, in which Galilea has repeatedly shown enormous pride in considering that her career was promoted there.

Galilea’s response to Cobo’s question was: “In your family, respect all your loved ones with your partner, respect her and above all communication; and respect others because when you respect them, you respect yourself.”

Galilea Montijo, in that 1993, is the winner of the contest.

“It will always be a pride to have been part of this great project,” Galiela wrote in a Facebook post in which she shared a compilation video of what the contest was and in which she is seen dancing and modeling.

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