This is what Jorge Poza looks like as Sergio Andrade for Gloria Trevi’s bioseries

After months of speculation, the recordings of the Gloria Trevi bioseries produced by Carla Estrada on Televisa have finally started, under the name ‘Ella soy yo’.

Jorge Poza was chosen to play one of the fundamental characters in the singer’s history, the controversial composer Sergio Andrade.

In his first meeting with the press, this is how Poza looked, with a wig that completed the look with which he will play the one who was Gloria Trevi’s manager until they were arrested in Brazil.

It is not yet confirmed which actress will play Gloria Trevi in ​​her adult stage, but the young Regina Villaverde was chosen to play the artist in her youth stage, when she was discovered in a contest to be Lucerito’s double.

What happened to the clan?

Sergio Andrade was Gloria Trevi’s partner and manager when she was successful in the industry. The murky things started when it was leaked that her famous talent school actually recruited girls as part of a clan under the promise that they would become famous as the Monterrey native.

It turned out to be a kind of harem for Andrade, where in addition to abusing and impregnating young girls, he held them captive and without communication with the outside world. The key piece was Karina Yapor, who was with Gloria and Sergio since 1994, when she was 12 years old. Upon losing communication with her, her family reported her disappearance and blamed Trevi and Andrade.

In November 1999, Karina herself asked her relatives to withdraw the lawsuit against the couple, but the Mexican authorities asked Interpol for support. That is how they found them on January 13, 2000 with all the young women and María Raquenel Portillo, in Barra de Tijuca, an elegant area of ​​Brazil.

Gloria and María Raquenel were acquitted in 2004 of charges of kidnapping, rape and corruption of minors stemming from the lawsuit filed by Karina Yapor’s family. In the case of Sergio Andrade, he was sentenced to seven years and ten months for the same crimes, but was released in 2007.

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