This is what Sasha Sökol demands after ratifying a complaint against Luis de Llano for abuse

The singer Sasha Sokol announced that she had already filed the complaint against the producer Luis de Llano, whom she publicly pointed out in March of this year for having abused her when she was a teenager.

The complaint has been in the hands of the Mexican authorities for a month and has already been ratified, Sasha reported.

“A month ago I filed the lawsuit, I have not talked about it because it is what my lawyers recommended. He’s already been in court for a month or a little more; it is already ratified, it is already notified, and everything”, he said in a brief interview at the Mexico City airport.

On her Instagram account, the singer’s legal team gave more details of the legal process, of which Luis de Llano has already been notified.

“It is reported that the legal team that represents her initiated a civil action for moral damages against Mr. Luis de Llano. The civil lawsuit was admitted for processing and Mr. de Llano has already been notified.

“In the lawsuit, it is requested that the courts declare that there was unlawful conduct on the part of Mr. de Llano that caused non-pecuniary damage in various aspects to Sasha Sokol. As she herself referred, Mr. de Llano promoted and began a romantic relationship with her when she was a 14-year-old girl.

What is Sasha looking for with this civil process?

In Sasha’s statement, it is stated that “The civil process that Sasha Sokol has filed against Luis de Llano specifically seeks the following:

• First, that a judge declare that the conduct of Luis de Llano, both in the 1980s and now, with her statements, is illegal and caused moral damage to the affected party.
• Second, that a court ruling compels the defendant to offer a public apology for their actions and statements.
• And third, in the trial it is requested that the Judge quantify an indemnity that Luis de Llano must pay. 100% of the amount that is judicially determined at the time, will be allocated to ADIVAC AC, a serious and qualified organization that fights against child sexual abuse. Mrs. Sasha Sokol has already entered into a collaboration agreement with this organization through which she commits all the funds resulting from the litigation.

“With this legal action, Sasha seeks to establish and reaffirm the truth of the facts. She also intends to inspire other victims to denounce their stories of abuse and thus fight against this serious crime.”

The case of abuse against Luis de Llano

On March 8, International Women’s Day, Sasha Sokol used her Twitter account to denounce the case of abuse that she would have been a victim of as a teenager, when she had a relationship with Luis de Llano.

She was 14 years old and he was 39 when the courtship between the two began, which lasted about 4 years. Sasha broke the silence after the producer talked about it in an interview with Yordi Rosado, where she stated that it was a two-week relationship.

“Why do you lie every time you talk about me? Because she knows perfectly well that what she did is a crime. During our entire relationship I was a minor”, ​​was part of what Sasha published.

The 52-year-old singer said that the relationship began when she was part of Timbiriche, and she did not have her mother’s approval, which is why she left the group and went to study abroad.

Luis de Llano denies abuse

The producer defended himself days later through a statement in which he denied having committed any crime or having acted “immorally.”

“My relationship with Sasha Sokol was always open and transparent on her and her family’s part.”

De Llano reiterated that the singer’s family always gave them respect, company and understanding, a version that Sokol rejected days later.

What Luis de Llano said provoked the singer’s anger and announced that the issue would be resolved in court, a product of which is the complaint he filed a month ago.