This is what the eldest daughter of Ana María Orozco, protagonist of I am Betty, the ugly one, looks like

Find out who is the eldest daughter of the famous actress Ana María Orozco.

‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’ has been adapted into several languages ​​and has reached more than 180 countries, making it the Latin telenovela with the most adaptations since its premiere in Colombia 24 years ago.

Ana Maria Orozcoprotagonist of the successful production ‘I am Betty the Ugly one’leads a life very attached to his loved ones, but does not ventilate much about his private life.

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Ana María Orozco, who gave life to Beatriz Pinzoncurrently has Argentine nationality and lives in Buenos Aires with their two daughters, named Lucrecia and minefruit of her marriage that she had with the Colombian musician Martin Quaglia; they were married in 2005, but separated in 2012.

Before, the Colombian actress had a fleeting 10-month marriage with the actor Julian Arangowho played Hugo Lombardi in ‘I am Betty the Ugly one’; there is talk that there was a third party in discord, the photographer Pedro Francowhose crush between her and him would have occurred in said soap opera.

After ending his engagement with Quaglia, Orozco spent two years with the Argentine actor Maximiliano Ghionebut they separated in 2015.

The eldest daughter of Ana María Orozco is 19 years olds, while his daughter Mia is 14. “I love this photo. With my beautiful daughters, the Quaglia sisters,” wrote Ana María Orozco, 50.

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Lucrecia is identical to her mother!

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Lucrecia has had appearances in modeling and in the entertainment environment as a singer and actress. In her networks, she can see that she has a boyfriend and she likes Luis Miguel’s music.

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