This is what the Güera de las Estrellas has in store for Michelle Reanud and Danilo Carrera

michelle renaud and Daniel Carrera They seem like the eternal impossible love story. Every time it seems that they will be happily ever after, some obstacle appears in their romance.

These constant breakups and reconciliations have an explanation according to fortune telling: “They belong to each other from past lives,” says La Güera de las Estrellas, psychic and astrologer who divined the love destiny of these two actors for TVyNovelas.

“Michelle has been going through difficult situations, you have to remember that she has a son. She has a powerful feeling for that person (Danilo Carrera), she loves him very much and they were already going to formalize their relationship, but the vibes came and they separated.

According to what she saw on the faces, the fortuneteller assures that Daniel he is very sad.

“There is talk of a new relationship with her but no, they belong to each other from past lives, they are going to get back together; Although she is upset now, they are going to end up formalizing despite the fact that they are said to be with other people.

Daniel and Michelle They were dating for over a year. He was the one who announced his overcoming in January of last year but last August they reconciled only to break up again before the end of the year. Although they have been seen together several times, their relationship is currently uncertain.