This is what the members of Locomía look like now



Unfortunately, Francesc Picas, former member of Locomía, lost his life yesterday, November 21, at the age of 53 in his native Barcelona.

Carlos Armas, Juan Antonio Fuentes, Francesc Picas (RIP) and Manuel Arjona They were part of the famous Spanish electro pop group Locomyformed in Ibizawho achieved success in the late 80’s and early 90’s with songs like “Rumba samba mambo”, “Locomía”, “Crazy Vox”, “Gorbachev” and “Little girl”among others, and for the handling of fans, pointe shoes, choreography and clothing.

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This is what the members of Locomía look like now.jpg


This is what the members of Locomía look like now


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Locomía was formed as a group of fashion designers and nightclub entertainers in Ibiza. Among its first members were: Xavier and Luis Font, Gard Passchier and Manuel Arjonawith the assistance of designer Lourdes Iribar, considered by fans as the fifth member.

After Gard and Luis left, they entered Carlos Armas and Juan Antonio Fuentes. Later, he left the Xavier group and joined in his place Francesc Picas.

This is what the former members of Locomía look like now!


Carlos Armas.



Francesc Picas and Manuel Arjona.



Juan Antonio Fuentes.


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