This is what the pollution cloud in India looks like from space; NASA publishes photos

According to the report of the POT, these types of cases are already common during the month of November within the country that during those dates is in religious celebrations.

According to reports from authorities of India, for the moment Delhi record concentrations of particulate materials from PM2.5 and PM10 coarse particulate matter.

These high levels of pollution would cause respiratory, cardiovascular and other diseases.

Pollution causes disease in India

The worsening air quality in the Indian capital, New Delhi, has caused an increase in chronic respiratory conditions among children, and prolonged exposure to deadly pollutants could affect their cognitive development, specialists said.

Pollution has reached dangerous levels in New Delhi and other parts of northern India this month. Most days, the Air Quality Index (AQI) has been maintained for above 451 on a scale of 500, indicating “serious” conditions that affect even healthy people and have a serious impact on those with existing diseases.

The AQI measures the concentration of poisonous PM2.5 particles in one cubic meter of air. The government prescribes a “safe” PM2.5 reading at 60 micrograms per cubic meter of air over a 24-hour period.