This is what unites Thalia with Angélica Rivera

We might think that Thalia and Angélica Rivera unites them the fact of having been two of the most acclaimed actresses of the 90’s. Currently the two are withdrawals from acting and have to the United States as a residence address for several years. However, this is not the only thing they have in common.

In the case of Thalia she has continued with his music career. And although their marriage with Tommy Mottola has faced several rumors of crisis, the truth is that they were has seen happy on social networks despite what they say. While the Seagull she is completely away from everything.

After Angelica Rivera divorced the former president from Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, the actress decided to retire from show business. definitely their lives after the success of the 90’s they took different directions. But what little was known is that while They shared a period of splendor, they had a love in common.

Who is the man Thalia and Angélica Rivera shared

was the producer from the first studio album Thalia who unveiled this little-known romance. And though Billy Valley He did not end up revealing if the former actresses were touched be the protagonists of a love triangle, the truth is that his statements They surprised more than one. Almost no one knew that the two were in love with an important man.

In this sense, the producer of Thalia assured that the man in question he was “a womanizer but discreet.” Is about Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, son of the former president of Mexico, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz. But in addition, he indicated have proof that this happened.

«He was very discreet, really. Of course there was a relationship with others but it was Very discreet Alfredo…I saw in your office to the Seagull there it was Angelica Rivera I saw her, I was there for several days. And I still don’t know did the novel the one that made her famous, there he was with himit is said that he walked with him», Thalia’s producer detailed.