This is what we know about ‘Single Grandpa’, the long-awaited sequel to ‘Single Dad’ for the nostalgic

“Single dad” managed to have great popularity in the 80’s and 90’s in Mexico.


Single dad”, one of César Costa’s most recognized projects, was broadcast to Mexican homes from 1987 until its last episode, on July 6, 1994. Since then, the most nostalgic fans have been waiting for the return of this acclaimed series.

The story of “César”, a widower who has to guide his three children on the right path: “Miguel” (Gerardo Quiroz), “Alejandra” (Edith Márquez) and “Cesarín” (Luis Mario Quiroz) quickly conquered the Mexican families, so dFor several years they were already asking for a reunion.

That is why, when a sequel titled “Single Grandpa” was confirmed”, the fans of this series quickly became excited, and although there is still no specific date for the premiere of the program, some changes in the program were confirmed. cast original of the series.


Almost 40 years after “Single Dad” reached Mexican homes, It was confirmed that the popular series by César Costa will have a continuation, which is called “Single Grandfather”, which excited the nostalgic; however, It is not yet known when it will begin to be broadcast.

So far, it is only known that producer Gerardo Quiroz is in charge of this project, although yes, he already announced that The spirit of the first program will be maintained with the participation of almost the entire original cast. A few months ago, Quiroz announced that the series It would be released in 2023, so perhaps it is a matter of weeks for this to become a reality.

“Single Grandpa” will present us with a more mature version of the characters, although with some absences that the public will surely miss: For example, we will not see Edith Márquez, who will be replaced by Graciela Mauri; Likewise, Lupita Sandoval will take on the role of “Gumara” in place of the late actress Aurora Alonso.

The sequel to “Single Dad” will surely move the memories of many people, who are anxiously awaiting the return of César Costa to television with one of his most endearing roles.