This Mexican actress was trapped in Israel: She tells how she took refuge in a bunker

Mexican actress trapped in Israel


Last Saturday, the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas carried out a surprise attack on Israel, also attempting to infiltrate its fighters through various means, including land, sea and air.

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The situation has created a lot of tension in the inhabitants of the Middle Eastern country and foreigners who are in Israel, such is the case of the Mexican actress Greta Cervantes, who explained through TikTok that she is stranded and hidden in a safe room.

“When we hear sirens or feel afraid, we take refuge in this safe room. Thank goodness it’s designed to keep us safe. No one can open it from the outside. They have been super difficult hours for us, for all Israelis. My heart is here. YesI just want to tell everyone who sent messages that I’m fine, I’m safe. It is a very complicated situation“, explained the 29-year-old actress who started in the artistic field when she was still a child participating in children’s productions: Carita de Ángel and Amy, the girl with the blue backpack.


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He was also part of the cast of the series Terminales, along with Ana Claudia Talancón, as well as La Rosa de Guadalupe, Como Dice el Dicho and Los Héroes del Norte.

Greta met the Israeli Yarden Hassid in Playa del Carmen and after starting a romance in which there was distance involved, they got married and have been living in the Middle East for two years.