This platform uses artificial intelligence to deliver specialized advertising on the internet

Vox arrives in Colombia to fight. (photo: Alternate Sector)

The pandemic has been with us for almost two years now and has definitely made radical changes in many aspects, both personally and at work. In this context, the disease of the coronavirus has brought businesses a desire to prioritize and increase digital marketing budgets to attract larger audiences and profitability. However, the congestion of digital advertising campaigns, even sometimes misleading, it has led users to see this type of increasingly invasive and irrelevant advertising.

That is why VOX is being released, a technology for digital advertising campaigns belonging to the European digital agency Performance. As a result, the media can provide additional, non-intrusive advertising space. Additionally, advertisers can deliver relevant content and increase their impression share.

The data: according to a study carried out this year by Blockthrough, By the end of 2020, the use of ad blocking increased 10% (527 million total users) on mobile devices and 8% (257 million total users) on computers.

Block advertising.  (photo: Snsmarketing)
Block advertising. (photo: Snsmarketing)

VOX is then posed as a solution for advertisers, publishers and especially users. “By thinking about your needs, we have a creative ad that the audience doesn’t want to close and that generates a CTR (click-through rates) 10 times higher than programmatic ads. We are talking about the revolution of the much sought return on investment ”, indicates Maria Dulnikiewicz, CEO of Performante.

Its objective is to shape the history of the brand, apply it and thus predict the future.

What is VOX and how does it work

VOX is an algorithm that scans the images and text of articles to deliver contextual advertising in its entirety. In a nutshell, This algorithm relates the content of interest to visitors to a given page. The result is a non-intrusive animated ad that appears over the main image.

“With VOX, brands can present their creativity in a premium format that does not irritate or annoy users by being irrelevant or covering the content that really interests them, but is completely adapted to the context of the article and does not alter the experience of reading and viewing. At the same time, it protects your security because VOX does not require any cookie data ”, Explain Daniela Torres, director of Performante for Latin America.

Trends in digital advertising.  (photo: Appetizr Marketing)
Trends in digital advertising. (photo: Appetizr Marketing)

Possible benefits

Between the benefits for digital media and publishers There is the ability to monetize spaces where they are not currently generating income without neglecting the location of their pages due to out of sync VOX code.

Algorithmic delivery of content-related ads enables media to ensure a better user experience.

“For our Artificial Intelligence it is not relevant what the user searched previously or what their subsequent searches will be, but what they are interested in finding at the time of reading the article,” said the company.

In this way, it prevents ads from appearing in a context of controversy or violence, giving brands full control over their advertising, which is not possible with other digital solutions. Here’s how it works in each area:

For end users:

– It will not invade the privacy of any user.

For editorial media:

– Allows you to monetize spaces that are not currently used to generate income, such as content images.

– You can provide premium ad space.

For brands:

– Pay only for visits. The VOX code is asynchronous and displays when the page is fully loaded, ensuring that the person has already viewed it.

– The number of clicks per impression of VOX is ten times higher than traditional banners and has a closing rate of less than 1%.

– The algorithm works without cookies.

In Latin America, VOX is in Colombia, Peru and Mexico.


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