This VIDEO collapses rumors of the separation of Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva

In the middle of the opening week of the telenovela in which he stars, ‘My way is to love you’, Gabriel Soto was the target of rumors about a supposed crisis and break with Irina Baeva, whose wedding had been postponed on more than one occasion.

He joined the scandal Sarah Corrales, who is part of the telenovela del galán. Alex Kaffie, for example, published in his column: “I will be Brief. Sara Corrales has become the protagonist of Gabriel Soto’s wet dreams and morning erections.”

With his coworker designated as his alleged new conquest, and without as many photos as before with Irina Baeva, it seemed that something was happening with Gabriel Soto’s sentimental situation.

However, the Telemundo program “La mesa caliente” published a video recorded “a couple of days ago”, in which Gabriel and Irina are seen very affectionate, enjoying the relaxation that the Miami sun can give.

Kisses, conversations in the ear and an obvious complicity in the video seem to collapse the rumors that there is a crisis between them. We will have to wait for them to talk about it and confirm that their wedding plans are still on.


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