This was the last hours of Rogelio Montes, from Grupo Palomo, before his disappearance

Grupo Palomo remains active with concerts that are sold out.


Rogelio Montes Yáñez, member of the norteña musical band Grupo Palomo, has been missing since last August 19for which the Veracruz State Search Commission issued an alert regarding this fact.

The musician, according to national circulation media, played together with Grupo Palomo on August 16 in veracruz; However, three days later his wife stopped having contact with him.

“I would not play with my husband’s life, my baby and I are waiting for him,” reads the desperate message that Rogelio’s wife, Abigail Ábrego, posted on social networks.


They have so far very few data on the case of Rogelio Montes; however, it is confirmed that Grupo Palomo was presented on August 16 as part of Expo Tuxpan 2023; The poster for this event also includes stars such as The Komander, The Invaders of Nuevo León and Factory.

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Grupo Palomo was on the star poster of Expo Tuxpan 2023.


Rogelio Montes’ wife, Abigail Ábrego, also confirmed that, the last time she had contact with her husband, he was in Tuxpan, Veracruz, so authorities of that entity have already begun to mobilize to locate the musician. In the official Instagram account of Grupo Palomo, however, they have a publication of a concert that they offered in Tlaxcala on August 20. “Thank you Tlaxcala”, reads the small text that accompanies the photo of the public.

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Grupo Palomo was founded in 1992, but it was not until 2001 when they consolidated as one of the most important northern bands in Mexico with their album “You don’t know them yet”. The singles “You go with him” and “You don’t know me yet” They enjoy enormous popularity to this day, accumulating millions of views on YouTube and Spotify.