This was the mockery of Toño de Valdés and Enrique Burak towards Christian Martinoli and Luis García

This was the mockery of Toño de Valdés and Enrique Burak towards Christian Martinoli and Luis García (Photo: @adevaldes – @cmartinolimx – @memo_schutz -)

While the duo made up of Christian martinoli and Luis Garcia triumph in football narratives for Aztec TV, who command the North American sports broadcasts is a trio that works at Televisa.

Is about Antonio de Valdés, Enrique Burak and Pepe Segarra, TUDN sports commentators and some of the most experienced in the Mexican sports television industry, so their voices are widely recognized by most fans, especially those who have seen a baseball and football game in Mexico .

Due to the rivalry that exists between the two television stations, these two teams also enter into controversy when they are compared with each other, because even on occasion those of the Adjco they interpreted that Enrique Burak He had called them “clowns”, something that was not well received by the duo of Aztec Sports.

Toño de Valdés and Martinoli
Toño de Valdés and Christian Martinoli, two of the most recognized sports writers in Mexico (Photos: Cuartoscuro // Instagram @ cmartinolimx)

This issue was highlighted in the visit of The three friends with Adela Micha, when they started a conversation for almost three hours and where the rivalry that exists between them was revived.

First was Toño de Valdés who again made it clear that at no time did he call them clowns, so he explained the situation and took the opportunity to declare his admiration for the two commentators.

I commented that I did not like antics so much and then they thought I had called them clowns, but not really. I admire them a lot; Luis Garcia is terrific in its analysis and Christian He is a great storyteller, without a doubt ”he affirmed Antonio during the second part of the interview.

What he did emphasize was declaring that “yes they exaggerate in the hesitations”.

Enrique Burak (Photo: Instagram @ enriqueburak)
Enrique Burak, sports journalist with a broad specialty in American football and baseball (Photo: Instagram @ enriqueburak)

Subsequently, the comment of Enrique Burak which had ironic overtones, because while the two Azteca commentators were praised, the TUDN journalist took it upon himself to put a stop and stated that: “It will be necessary to see if they want to narrate baseball or American”.

This statement caused the laughter of all those present, because from a distance it was observed that it was something very unlikely to happen. Even Adela Micha he exclaimed loudly: “Oops, I don’t think so! I don’t think so, huh”.

After the laughter provoked by the comment of Burak, the teasing ceased and he returned to declare his appreciation to the two characters of Aztec Television, when saying that “the truth is very good.”

Luis García and Christian Martinoli
Luis García and Christian Martinoli, prominent figures on Mexican sports television (Photo: Instagram / @ garciaposti)

On the line that the two commentators of the rival company handle, From Valdés He delved into the reasons why his style is not entirely to his liking, since the constant jokes they use during their broadcasts exceed the limit.

“We also hesitate and we do it continuously, but everyone can think that up to a certain limit is fine. Suddenly they forget about the game and start talking about other things. We do it when a moment of the game merits it. The most important thing is the game; I think there are times to hesitate“, Said Toño during the talk in The Saga.

Although they did not rule out working together at some point, they did mention that this would be a far cry from football. For this reason, he highlighted the possibility that Martinoli and Luis Garcia they could navigate in American sports, the great specialty of the three colleagues from Televisa Deportes.


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