This was the proposal for “La Pérdida”, Paolita Suárez…

This was the proposal for “La Pérdida”, Paolita Suárez…


Following the steps of Kimberly “The most precious”, Paolita Suarez She prepares a wedding after receiving the engagement ring from her boyfriend, named Jesús, who surprised her during a dinner.

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During the meeting that took place in a bar, Paola’s future husband took out a ring and, kneeling, asked the transgender influencer to marry him. She, incredulous, thought it was a joke.

After assimilating what was happening, Suárez said that he did accept and sealed the request with a romantic kiss on the mouth.

“Comadres, well, I’m marrying you. They just surprised me, I feel nice, oh.”wrote the content creator in the video that generated more than 120 thousand likes in just twelve hours.

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Colleagues from the media such as Nicola Porcella and Apio Quijano wrote congratulations to him on his Instagram account, a space in which he shared the unforgettable moment.