This was the reunion of When you are mine…

The reunion of When you are mine

TV Azteca

In May 2001, TV Azteca would premiere one of the most successful melodramas in its history: When you are mine, a remake of the classic Café con aroma de mujer starring Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basáñez, accompanied by a great cast.

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For a year, the soap opera was positioned as the public’s favorite and led the Ajusco channel to register high rating numbers. Silvia Navarro was crowned a queen of the genre and aroused the interest of Televisa producers who from that moment wanted to have her in their projects.

22 years have passed and the memory of this exciting story is still intact in the minds of the viewers who did not miss a single episode. They enjoyed watching “Paloma”’s encounters with the villains and the lover Diego Sánchez Serrano who did everything to conquer the woman of his life.

Now, part of its cast met again in Mexico City, fueling the nostalgia of the followers of When you are mine.

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Through social networks, Margarita Gralia and Anette Michel, the terrible evil ones, shared a photograph in which they appear in a restaurant with Sergio Basáñez, the drama’s leading man.

Messages full of affection and compliments did not wait. People showed them on Instagram that they are still loved and that the soap opera marked their lives when the 2000s were just beginning.