This was the unusual escape of the saver who robbed a bank to recover her money in Lebanon

Sali Hafiz (REUTERS/Emilie Madi) (EMILIE MADI/)

Sali Hafiz became the heroine of many after, last week enter the bank BLOMin downtown Beirut, and take the money he needed for his sister’s cancer treatment.

Episodes like these are becoming more frequent in Lebanon; However, what caught the most attention on this occasion was the method in which the woman managed to enter the branch and, later, flee without raising any suspicion nor have any confrontation with the Police.

Hafiz entered the bank premises with a toy gunwith which his nephews usually play, and a small amount of fuel diluted in water, which he spilled on an employee to generate more pressure. Also, in the previous days he had prepared himself by watching the film Irhab w Kabab -or “Terrorist and Kabab”-, an Egyptian black comedy in which a man assaults a state building, frustrated by the corruption in the Government, and demands kebabs to hostages, given the high price of meat.

The moment of Sali Hafiz's assault (REUTERS)
The moment of the assault on Sali Hafiz (REUTERS) (AL JADEED /)

once inside, the woman started a live broadcast on her Facebook account, in which employees could be heard shouting for the money to be released. Despite the panic generated and the entrances to the bank being sealed, Hafiz clarified: “I did not break into the bank to kill anyone or set the place on fire. I’m here to get my rights.” He also added that he did it to be able to pay for the treatment of her sister, who “was dying and had little time left” and after having repeatedly tried to get the money.

Along with Hafiz, another woman present at the branch took the opportunity to seize more than $13,000 and a man to take what appeared to be stacks of plastic-wrapped bills.

A) Yes, In less than an hour, of the 20,000 dollars he needed, he managed to get 13,000, enough to cover the trip and a month of treatment for his sister. Likewise, she covered herself by asking them to sign a receipt for that amount and, thus, avoid being accused of theft.

Once you get the money, Hafiz escaped through a broken window in the rear before the security forces arrived and once again used his Facebook account to achieve a low-key escape. For it, posted on his account that he was at the airport, on his way to Istanbul. In this way, had enough time to get home and plan a disguise that would allow him a second exit without suspicion. He put on a robe, covered his head with a scarf and a lump was placed in her belly that made her look pregnant.

The police soon knocked on his door. but they were not successful since they would never have imagined that the same Sali Hafiz would attend to them and go out in front of them and without being recognized. She placed her hand on her waist, made a pained face, and proceeded to put on a very convincing performance. “[El oficial] he must have been afraid that she would give birth in front of him. I went downstairs in front of everyone, like 60 or 70 people… wishing me luck with the delivery. It was… just like in the movies,” he explained.

Hafiz remains a fugitive from justice but he explained that it will be delivered when the judges put an end to the paralyzing strike that has caused delays in the judicial processes of the detainees.

The Lebanese woman did not act alone; Along with her, two of her friends participated in her robbery. They were arrested and are accused of threatening bank employees and holding them against their will. Today, the court in charge ordered his release on bail.

(With information from Reuters and AP)


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