This was what Alemán expressed about women, before the scandal with his ex-girlfriend


Given the scandal in which the rapper Alemán is involved after audios and images of how he violated his girlfriend, Akasha, were leaked on the internet, netizens reminded the artist of the words he previously said about the woman.

The last:

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During a massive concert that Alemán offered in the Zócalo of Mexico City, he spoke about how men should behave with women; words that his own fans now say, which seem to have been forgotten.

“Mexico has to be a better fucking better place. “I want to invite you to honor and venerate the most important thing that is women,” said the famous man before thousands of people who filled the capital’s Zócalo in the middle of the Mestizo festival, in December 2019.

Before saying goodbye, Alemán expressed that those who mistreat women could “go to death.”

About the accusations made by his ex-girlfriend, claiming that the singer mistreated her. He told TVyNovelas that it was not true. However, she showed evidence.

“I never hit her, that’s why she has never hit her face, she never said she had a broken rib, I would never dare to give her a damn…, what I always did was contain her attacks.”