This way you can prevent Google and Facebook from accessing your WhatsApp conversations

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WhatsApp It is the instant messaging app that has the most users around the world, since currently more than 5 billion people use the application, according to the Google Play Store download record. The aforementioned messaging platform has end-to-end encryption, which means that only you and the person you are chatting with can access the content of your chats. However, if you are scared WhatsApp and you have doubts about whether Google is interfering with your conversations, We will show you a tip to increase the security and privacy of your account.

It is a fact that nobody can see your WhatsApp chats, not even the application itself, but before the backups were stored in the cloud (Google Drive), which means that Google can have access to this information. Things changed when the application of Mark Zuckerberg added end-to-end encryption to backups and made this information not even accessible to Google, so today we will walk you through the steps to enable this tool.

Illustrative image of the Meta logo, the new name of the Facebook company, and the logo of the social network taken on November 2, 2021. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration
Illustrative image of the Meta logo, the new name of the Facebook company, and the logo of the social network taken on November 2, 2021. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration (DADO RUVIC /)

How to prevent Google or Facebook from accessing your WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp has had a number of problems in recent months due to controversies surrounding the company that owns its shares, Goal. In September 2021, an investigation by ProPublica found that Facebook had access to user chats in informed and other circumstances, which raised doubts about the level of privacy that the platform promises.

However, if you are concerned that sites like Google or Facebook are intercepting your chats through your instant messaging application, you have options to improve the security of your account. To make the use of WhatsApp on your mobile device as secure as possible, you can enable backups with end-to-end encryption. To do this, follow these steps:

1. First, check that WhatsApp do not have any pending update in the Google Play Store or App Store.

2. If you have Android, enter the app and click on the three vertical points which are located in the upper right.

3. In this step, it is for both smartphones (iPhone or Android): several options will be displayed. Choose ‘Settings’ or ‘Configuration’, depending on the system that manages your mobile device.

4. Next, enter the section of ‘Chats’ and then in ‘Backup’.

5. Activate the option ‘End-to-end encrypted backup’.

This tool will add an extra layer of protection, since the application saves your chats, images, videos and stickers in the selected storage location (usually Google Drive).

WhatsApp conversation with the option activated 'Messages with end-to-end encryption'.  (photo: Xataka Android)
WhatsApp conversation with the option activated ‘Messages with end-to-end encryption’. (photo: Xataka Android)

WhatsApp: the message of cybercriminals that you should not open

WhatsApp is one of the messaging applications with the greatest influence on users, and that makes it one of the favorites for users cybercriminals. You must take into account that there are trends even in cyberattacks. Even already a international institution has projected possible cyber threats next year.

In this sense, the International Internet User Security Office has communicated that an email campaign is circulating that impersonates the identity of WhatsApp in order to extract the backup of the conversations in the app and the user’s call history.

WhatsApp message
The entity advises on its website what the cyber crime methods are and what solutions you have at your disposal. Photo: Internet User Security Office.

According to the announcement, the message includes a link that downloads a Trojan virus to the device and is represented as an invitation to update your backup of WhatsApp conversations.

If you want to read the full note, enter this link.


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