This way you can read and reply to emails in Gmail without an internet connection

Use Gmail offline to read and reply to emails. (photo: Login Email)

Gmail has become one of the services of email most used in the world, as it offers a variety of tools to improve the experience on the platform. Among them, highlights a special design for users with Internet unstable or unable to access Wi-Fi.

It consists of the offline mode, a very useful function that allows you to read, reply and search Gmail messages without the need to be connected to an internet network. If you want to know how to activate this mode, in this guide we will explain it to you in detail.

What is offline mode in Gmail

Gmail gives us the ability to use the application without accessing the Internet. A very practical feature for the summer, since it allows us to be connected and receive emails even when we are in another place that is not our home and normally, we do not have a good connection.

The email application can be used almost normally without an Internet connection. We can read and reply to received emails and search for messages in our inbox, even if we are not logged in from

Gmail in offline mode.  (photo: Redes Zone)
Gmail in offline mode. (photo: Redes Zone)

Steps to activate the function in Gmail

1. To activate the function in Gmail, you must do it from a computer or laptop (notebook). When you are already in Gmail, tap the radio button on the top right with the gear icon.

2. In the pop-up menu that appears, click the option Setting to enter the menu with all the options to configure Gmail to your liking.

3. Once in the Settings menu, click on the option that says Without connection which appears in the list of tabs at the top. You will have it in the penultimate position, right in front of the objects.

4. Once in the Offline menu, click on the option Enable offline mail selecting the square on the left.

5. When you enable offline mode, various options are displayed. First, click on the box under Save emails from the last days, if you want to save all emails from last week, last month, or last quarter.

6. Then select the option Download attachments if you also want to download the files that were sent to you in these emails.

7. Finally, you must choose what you want to do when you exit Gmail. You will have two options:

– Keep downloaded emails and / or attachments saved on your computer

– Or delete them all after closing Gmail.

Once you choose any of the options, click Save Changes to apply the settings and download the email.


From that moment on, Emails in your Gmail inbox will be saved to your computer’s local storage, so you can access them at any time, even if you don’t have internet.

When you reply to a message with offline mode enabled, Your reply will be saved in a new folder called Outbox and will be sent automatically when your device reconnects to Wi-Fi.

Find out how to unsubscribe an email in Gmail

-To activate the option, you must enter with your email from a PC, laptop or computer.

– Then say to the icon of nut which is in the upper right corner, click and you will find “See all settings”.

-When you get to that section, there will be several tabs where you must choose the one that says ‘General’.

-Then look for the option ‘Undo the submission’ and select ’30 seconds’.

-To test it, compose a message and when you hit ‘send’ by mistake, you can retrieve it.

Gmail email option
Gmail trick.


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