Three days after the train crash in Greece, the protests continue and there were clashes between protesters and the police

This Friday he registered in Athens for the third consecutive day a wave of protests headed by students and citizens greeks who claim justice after the train crash.

Already on the third day of mourning for the accident that left 57 dead and hundreds injured, the anger of the population does not seem to cease.

The streets of the whole country were filled with shouts and requests for intensify efforts to locate the disappeared and that this “foreseeable crime” does not go unpunished.

As mentioned by several railway workers, for months the respective authorities of the poor condition of the roads and the system in generalto which they responded by ignoring and thus putting the lives of the thousands of passengers who daily use the trains to move from one part of the country to another at risk.

The indignation of the citizens for the inability of the State and the political system escalated with the passing of the hours and led to clashes with police. Some of them took place in the Greek capital while others took place in front of the Thessaloniki train stationwhere a group of protesters launched Molotov cocktails to the Police, who responded with tear gas.

Another group of people called for this Friday afternoon a silent demonstration in Syntagma square in Athenswhere, since this Thursday, thousands remained gathered in front of Parliament and, despite the rain, held up their signs that read “Our lives count”.

Also, a group of students took to the streets with white balloons in memory of the victims to the cry of “Killers” and “They never arrived, we will take revenge”.

On the other hand, in the offices of the company that operates the railways, Hellenic Trainthere was also a strong presence of protesters and, even, the workers supported this group and called for a new 24 hour strike due to the situation in the sector.

A group of students raised white balloons in memory of the 57 victims of the crash (REUTERS) (LOUIZA VRADI /)

Along with these claims, the families of some of the victims -mostly students between the ages of 20 and 25- have decided to undertake legal actions against Hellenic Train and the state railway company (OSE) after, indeed, the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis confirm that it was a “human error” and that the government spokesman, Yannis Ikonomuwould recognize that In the section of the accident, the safety systems, such as the electric guide or light signalling, did not work.

“The stationmaster may be the one most responsible… but the responsibility is also broader: There are the rail operators and public officials whose job it was to ensure that safety measures and procedures were applied correctly,” said Stelios Sourlas, lawyer for a 23 year old victim.

So far it was defendant he head of the Larisa railway station for the crime of “negligent homicide” and others with penalties ranging from ten years in prison to life imprisonment.

(With information from EFE and AP)

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