Three films where José José acted in addition to ‘Gavilán o paloma’ and ‘Forgive me everything’

Image of the disc that contains the songs from “Sabor a mí”, one of the films where José José acted.


Jose jose He had a prolific career in the artistic world, because in addition to succeeding as a singer, he also had space in acting, although in this branch his work was less; In total, she made five movies and a single soap opera, “The most beautiful ugly”, adaptation of the successful Colombian telenovela “I am Betty, the ugly one”.

José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz, better known as José José, was born in February 1948, and from a very young age he stood out for his unique voice; It was to be expected that he would soon be invited to participate in films, where he starred in musical numbers that Mexicans still remember.

Two of those movies “Gavilán o Paloma” and “Perdóname todo” immediately stood out from José José’s filmography; however, there are three tapes that are not so recognized and it would be worth revisiting.


  • “TASTE OF ME” (1988)

José José acted in 1988 in this film made as a tribute to the renowned composer Álvaro Carrillowho he plays. Actors such as Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, Carmen Salinas, Merle Uribe and Angélica Aragón also participated in the film, the “Prince of the song”.

  • “A DREAM OF LOVE” (1971)

In this movie from 1971, José José shares the scene with one of the most beautiful women in the show: Verónica Castro; In fact, the famous one, when the singer died, she shared a frame from the final scene of the tape, when both protagonists manage to get married. Safety pin!

  • “THE MILLION RACE” (1974)

In this film directed by Rubén Galindo, José José plays a mechanic who, true to his style, does not stop giving us unforgettable songs, highlighting a beautiful interpretation of the piece “Una mañana”. Actors such as Fernando Luján, Nubia Martí, Armando Acosta and Roberto Guzmán also participated in the film.