Three Mexicans will compete for the Mario Vargas Llosa Novel Prize

  • This event will take place in Guadalajara from May 25 to 28

The V Mario Vargas Llosa Novel Prize 2023 already has a venue, in addition to its finalists and among them are: The Mexican writers Brenda Navarro, Cristina Rivera Garza and David Toscana, the Colombians Héctor Abad Faciolince and Piedad Bonnett, and the Spanish Juan Tallón. This event will take place from May 25 to 28 in the city of Guadalajara.

For his novels “Save my heart, everything is fine”, by Héctor Abad Faciolince; “What to do with these pieces”, by Piedad Bonnett; “Ash in the mouth”, by Brenda Navarro; “The invincible summer of Liliana”, by Cristina Rivera Garza; “Obra maestra”, by Juan Tallón, and “El peso de vivir en la tierra”, by David Toscana (Mexico), the six writers were chosen “for their literary quality” to compete for the award that will be delivered on May 28 in the Auditorium of the UDG, during the closing ceremony of the V Mario Vargas Llosa Biennial.

The Vargas Llosa Chair created the Mario Vargas Llosa Biennial Novel Prize in 2013 with the aim of making literature in Spanish globally visible.

To give the Award greater resonance and clarity, its delivery is part of a literary meeting attended by the finalist authors, the jury, journalists, critics and Ibero-American writers.