Three telenovelas by Adriana Louvier to watch in full on ViX that you will surely love

Adriana Louvier has more than 1.4 million followers on social media.


Adriana Louvier has a career of more than 20 years in the world of entertainment, being her performances in soap operas the most remembered by her followers. soap operas like “Fall in love”, “The heiress”, “Love in custody”, “I have everything except you” and “Empress” are some of his best known productions.

Not only on television has he performed Adriana Louvier: He has also had a prolific career in theater and film.acting in works such as “Crimes of the heart” and “Strawberries in winter”, as well as in the films “Goodbye, cruel world”, “Inner space” and “Loving is not wanting”.

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Without a doubt, Adriana is especially remembered for her role as “Olga”, the main antagonist of the soap opera “Corona de lágrimas”, which aired in 2012.

If you, like many people, are a fan of TV soaps by Adriana Louvier, here we have three options that are available for free on ViX so you can see them as many times as you want.


ViX is available in its catalog an endless series of soap operas, series and movies to enjoy for free just by seeing some ads; Of course, there is the Premium option, which in addition to remove commercials, gives you access to original contentlive television and various functions to enhance your entertainment experience.

These are three telenovelas available on Adriana Louvier’s streaming platform that you can’t miss. They include the official ViX review:

  • CROWN OF TEARS (2012)

Episodes: 111

When Refugio and his three children, Patricio, Edmundo and Ignacio are kicked out of their home, by chance they arrive in Mexico City, where they start a new life.


Episodes: 122

After many blows in life, María Dolores will regain her freedom and will fight tirelessly to recover her son and the man she loves, who restored her confidence, the desire to love and to believe in men again.


Episodes: 196

This production tells the exciting story of two married couples, the Beckers and the Alvarados, who will discover the deceit of their partners after a tragic car accident.