Three times in which Niurka has shut up mouths in an epic way

Niurka Marcos has explained several times that on television she adopts a character to create controversy and generate ratings. But without a doubt, many characteristics of that character also correspond to the real Niurka.

And when she explodes, sometimes it is impossible to know if she is playing or if she is serious, but the truth is that she enjoys putting those who criticize her in their place.

1.- Montserrat Oliver. The Cuban and Montse were always friends. Both extroverted, Niurka was a regular guest on the program that Oliver leads together with Yolanda Andrade.

But in 2020 a peculiar situation happened. When talking about sexuality, Montse began to question Niurka, who said that she was quite promiscuous. Oliver pointed out to her that having a lot of sex didn’t mean that she had good sex.

From then on, the program became tense. In the end, Montse released one last dart: “Go away, Niurka”, she told him as she dismissed the show. The Cuban actually got up and left.

Montserrat assures that it was an unimportant incident but Niurka usually tells this anecdote as one of the best times in which she put someone who wanted to be funny in his place. In fact, she claims that Oliver went to her dressing room to apologize.

2.- A rumor that constantly persecuted Niurka is that of the paternity of Emilio Osorio, her son.

Finally she decided to give explanations (“gossip about it to people”, she said) and as usual, she does not leave a puppet with a head.

He explained that Emilio is the son of Juan Osorio and that there is no doubt about that because Bobby Larios (who is assured in networks that he has a resemblance to Emilia) met him after Emilio was born.

“Emilio has all the resemblance of Juan and the beauty of his mother, but people are morbid,” he said to settle the issue.

3.- Another epic battle of Niurka was with Lyn May, the legendary star who has conquered generations of fans since the middle of the last century.

Lyn May made a comment about the way Niurka dances, a comment that was very unfavorable and that ended with a lapidary phrase: “It’s not my kind of dance”. In fact, she claimed that she did not know her.

“I know Cher, Nicki Minaj, them, Madonna. I’m not going to tell her anything because I don’t know her. I’m telling you I don’t know her.”

Niurka’s response was short and just as lapidary but in her style: “You don’t want to call her ugly? Listen to me. Lyn May is ugly.”