Through tears, Sharon Stone says she lost part of her fortune after SVB bankruptcy

Sharon Stone was one of the victims of Silicon Valley Bank collapse (SVB), which filed for bankruptcy in the United States and with it caused global uncertainty and the stock market crash from Europe to America amid fears of a new recession and the contagion of the banking crisis.

The actress, who became in sex symbol after his performance in low instincts in 1992was one of the richest artists in the world and one of the best paid in Hollywood, with a fortune valued at over $50 millionwhich was reduced by the collapse of SVB and the subsequent fall of Signature Bank.

By participating in the gala foundation fundraiser Women’s Cancer Research, in Beverly Hills, Calif. the actress He confessed that due to the banking crisis in the United States he lost half of his fortune.

“I just lost half my money por this banking matter, and that doesn’t mean I can’t help. It is not an easy time for any of us,” he said through tears as he delivered a speech. at the gala where received the Award of Valor.

Stone urged those present at the event to support the cause despite current economic or technical conflicts. “I know that trying to figure out how to send the money is difficult. I I’m a technical idiot, but I can write a check and that is also having courage because I know what is happening ”.

“This is a difficult time in the worldbut I don’t want any politician telling me what I can and can’t dor, to tell me what I can and cannot live and what is the value of my life and what is not. So get up. Get up and say what you’re worth, I dare you. That is what courage is, ”the actress concluded her speech, with which she earned an ovation.

Silicon Valley Bank officially declared bankruptcy on March 17. to take refuge to Chapter 11 and find buyers for your assets. The closure of this bank became biggest collapse since 2008when the Washington Mutual went bankrupt during the financial crisis.

After the situation with SVB, President from the United States, Joe Bidenwent out to put out the rumors and assured that the Your country’s banking system “is safe” and that the deposits of said bank’s clients will be available “when they need them”.

I affirm that Your government will do everything possible for savers to recover their moneyor and, in any case, “Taxpayers will not bear the losses. The money will come from the fees that the banks pay for the deposit insurance”, he pointed out.

Sharon Stone and the death of her brother

Sharon Stone not only referred to the economic losses that he had due to the banking crisis in the United States, too spoke of the personal losses he has had such as the death of his younger brother Patrick Stone.

“My brother just died and that doesn’t mean I’m not here. It’s not an easy time for anyone from us,” the actress said of Patrick Stone, who died in February at age 57 of cardiac arrest.

In addition, the actress lost in 2021 to his nephew just 11 months old due to severe organ failure. Sharon Stone was the baby’s godmother.