Throw holy water and call 911 to evict gay couple from church

On TikTok, the case of a woman who began to sprinkle a gay couple who were embracing in the atrium of a church with holy water went viral; Not satisfied, the woman even called 911 to ask for support and remove the young people, a fact that caused outrage among Internet users, who considered that the woman’s thinking was very conservative and not very tolerant.

It was the user identified as Leonardo Hernández @leoperovirgo who published the video where the woman is seen praying and spreading holy water over the couple. Later, he asks them to leave the site, because he, he assures him, they are in a sacred place.

The young people kindly ask her to stop wetting them, and they tell her to respect their stay in the church, a fact that the woman does not tolerate so she threatens to call 911.

Despite the threats, the young people remain firm, which is why the woman ends up calling the emergency number.

The woman asked for support from the authorities, assuring that the couple was committing “immoral acts” and even pointed out that the law prohibited two men from being together in church. Likewise, she said that they were possibly not Mexican, and that they were migrants who were trying to “pervert” the youth.

Finally, the young people talk to the emergency person and come to the agreement that, although they know that it is an act of discrimination, they prefer to leave the place, rather than continue confronting the “closed-minded” lady.