TikTok prepares a button similar to that of retweet on Twitter

TikTok prepares a button to repost a publication, in true Twitter style. (photo: TikNewsTok)

TikTok is testing its own version of retweet, used on Twitter, with the addition of a new button called Repost. This will allow users to share videos on the platform with their contacts. Although it is not yet available to all users of the platform, below you will know all the details about it.

The new TikTok button

The Repost button will allow you to share videos on the platform with your followers. It is located in the menu Share. There you can send the video to your friends via messages, text messages, or social media posts. But instead of sharing the video directly, The Repost button promotes the video to your friends on TikTok.

Unlike retweets on Twitter, Videos uploaded with the Repost button on TikTok will not appear on the profile. That is, the shared video will only be sent to friends’ feeds.

TikTok and its voice effects.  (photo: La Vanguardia)
TikTok. (photo: La Vanguardia)

Also, this button is also not available on all TikToks. Only appears in videos you find while browsing your own For You feed in the app.

In other words, it is a way of increase the visibility of videos that have already been recommended by the algorithm and you want more people to see it.

Therefore, users do not need to create their own videos to achieve this. Because many, make duets using original content, to re-share other people’s videos. This provides users with an easy way to share TikTok videos.

TikTok Repost.  (photo: Mott)
TikTok Repost. (photo: Mott)

Inspiration for the new Repost button

This feature also comes from TikTok’s predecessor, Came, which was acquired and closed by Twitter many years ago. In fact, Vine also offers a forward button that allows users to upload a video to increase its visibility. But nevertheless, Some content creators have abused this feature to massively promote videos.

TikTok is known to have a very accurate and highly personalized feed. The TikTok Repost button could compromise that, if the creators try to overindulge.

TikTok logo.  (photo: Mike Blake)
TikTok logo. (photo: Mike Blake) (MIKE BLAKE /)

For this reason, the social network has decided that lUsers will only see shared recommendations if they are friends of the person who streamed the video.

This means that you won’t necessarily see recommendations from a great creator unless that creator, for some reason, is also following you. By limiting the suggestions on the TikTok Repost button, you protect against the risk of being taken advantage of by creators.

However, the ability of uploaded content to get a significant number of new views is also limited.

Find out how to upload a scheduled video on TikTok.  (photo: tuexpertoapps.com)
TikTok logo. (photo: tuexpertoapps.com)

When you touch this button, The app will announce that the video will be shown to your friends. Then the app also asks you to share a few words about why you are republishing the video.

This way, you can see which friends have re-posted the content. Alternatively, you can touch the tag Repost to read the comments in a small pop-up window.

If you change your mind about your forwarding your TikTok Repost button, you can tap the menu Share and then Delete forwarding to cancel your transfer. This will also remove the message that was added.

In some cases, TikTok users are seeing the Repost button labeled as Recommend because TikTok is still making variations with the language, but it’s the same process.


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