TikTok: the easiest way to create your own filters and effects on the social network

Filters on TikTok. (photo: FanToker)

It is true that in apps What Instagram Y Snapchat You can find filters interesting for creating original videos and photos, but TikTok it is a platform that allows you to take them to another level.

Not only do you get a wide variety of content, but its editing tools allow you to create videos with a special touch. And if that was not enough, now he has one application to create your own filter on TikTok and possibly, take that filter to be a trend in the social network.

TikTok, the king of filters

Up to now, it is common to use filters created by programmers, and there are also many filters available on Instagram and other platforms. Of course, they are not a big competitor to TikTok, but this social network keeps finding ways to surprise users as they are constantly growing.

Well, now you have the opportunity to access a platform called Effect Housewhich has been made available to TikTok users to be able to create the effects and filters they want.

Now, in addition to having the opportunity to make your video go viral, you can also do the same with creating a big filter.

Effect House app for TikTok.  (photo: Diario Digitals)
Effect House app for TikTok. (photo: Diario Digitals)

So you can create filters and effects for your TikTok videos

It is worth mentioning that in the short video social network there are already many filters and effects available. Furthermore, these are divided into categories, but if you can make your profile more unique with your own creations, all the better. Especially since there are so many creators on the platform right now, it’s a bit more difficult to stand out, but not impossible.

The website Effect House it is still in beta phase; that is, to start using it you will have to check in and wait for approval, so you can unleash your creativity by creating filters for social networks.

Effect House website.  (photo: TechCrunch)
Effect House website. (photo: TechCrunch)

Now that you understand this and everything is clear, you should know that when you enter House Effect you will have to fill out a form found on the website.

Remember also that you need to login with your TikTok account, or you will not get approval for your registration request.

Once you have followed and completed all the steps indicated in the form, you will have to wait one to five business days until your account is created to start working on it.

During this time, you will not be able to access the Effect House and its tools, so you can start planning what you want to do once you get approval.

When you already have the possibility to access the service, using the website is simple and intuitive, so you can create your own filter on TikTok with the greatest of ease.

App Effect House.  (photo: Elimiusvgs)
App Effect House. (photo: Elimiusvgs)

This would be the new payment methods on TikTok to support creators

TikTok subscriptions can work like Instagram; offers exclusive content, such as videos, to users who pay a monthly subscription. However, many details are still unknown. Among them are the requirements that an account must meet.

For example, must be verified as well have a minimum number of followers. Of course, it is still unknown what price ranges these creators will be able to handle, or if the application itself establishes a minimum and maximum cost.

TikTok is also considering letting users tip content creators as a sign of appreciation for their work. The app also offers a creative background where they pay a small amount for video views.

TikTok logo.  (photo: Cocktail Marketing)
TikTok logo. (photo: Cocktail Marketing) (Cocktail Marketing/)

TikTok adapts to new functions, such as Twitter and Instagram

In addition to TikTok, Other social networks are also getting down to work to achieve the same result. Twitterfor example, has super follow, which the company describes as a way for creators to better engage with their users.

Subscribers can pay a minimum of USD$2.99 ​​per monthalthough there are also $4.99 options or USD$9.99 per month, depending on which benefits the creators decide. Twitter, like TikTok and Instagram, can benefit from registration fees.


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