Tina Turner in mourning: Her son died and she bids him farewell with this emotional message

This Friday, December 9, Roonie Turner, son of the legendary singer Tina Turner, died in Los Angeles, California.

At the age of 62, emergency services came to help him after receiving a call that he was having difficulty breathing. The rock queen’s son was outside his house and died minutes later, despite the attention of paramedics.

Through Instagram, Tina Turner posted a farewell message to her son: “Ronnie, you left the world too soon. It is with pain that I close my eyes and think of you, my beloved son.”

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Afida Turner, wife of the deceased, also said goodbye to her beloved with an emotional text:

“Roonie was a true angel with a huge soul (…) I did my best until the end and this time I was not able to save you, I love you for these 17 years, this is very bad, I am very angry.”

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He is the second child to lose Tina Turner. In 2018, his firstborn, Craig Raymond Turner, committed suicide in california at age 59. It was the result of her relationship with the saxophonist Raymond Hill.

Ronnie went into acting but later became a real estate broker. He was married to the French-American singer Afida Turner, and together they had two children.

Rest in peace.