Tips for cleaning and disinfecting your pet’s bed

Your pet will thank you for having a clean and disinfected bed. He will sleep comfortable and safe

Your pet’s bed should always be clean and disinfected. This process must be done more frequently, compared to the times you bathe her, which is usually every month.

  1. Cleans up hair buildup
    Regardless of whether your pet is a dog or a cat, there will always be a trail of hair, dust, and even food debris in their bed. The main thing is to avoid the accumulation of this waste that could trigger the presence of bacteria and that, when washing the bed, makes the task more difficult.
  2. Disassemble the bed to clean separately. After cleaning the debris bed, you have to disassemble it. It is important to wash textiles such as covers and blankets, apart from the mattress foam.
  3. Wash the foam off the bed
    Many people avoid washing the foam on their pet’s bedding for fear of damaging it. The fear is real. Not doing this process well could leave the pet without a mattress.
  4. Let the bed dry very well. The fourth tip to efficiently wash your pet’s bed has to do with drying. It is best to not put the foam in the dryer, as it could be damaged. Thus, place the filling in an area of ​​the house where it can dry naturally.