Tips for Successful Broadcasts on Twitter Spaces

The ‘Twitter Spaces’ are voice rooms to chat live between users. (TWITTER) (OFFICIAL TWITTER/)

Twitter is a social network in which, in principle, text, photo and video publications can be found, on pleasant topics for people. However, the content offer of the platform increased with the arrival of Twitter Spacesvoice rooms to chat live between users.

At the time of its launch for all people with accounts in the social network, the Spaces were short-lived and disappeared once they ended. However, they can currently remain as a publication and reproduce as podcast by other users.

Even as part of an exclusive feature for subscribers to Twitter Bluethe paid version of the platformthe Spaces will be able to share a space dedicated solely to audio content together with the new podcast offer that is planned within this social network.

That is why users could benefit from these tips to take advantage of the exposure that these spaces will have:

Pick a topic

A TwitterSpace it needs to revolve around a central theme in order to attract the public and they decide to stay and listen to what the user or group of users intends to communicate. The interest of audience it will disappear if the dialogue in the Space does not happen in an attractive way.

This is what Twitter Space streams look like from the Twitter home screen (Twitter)
This is what Twitter Space streams look like from the Twitter home screen (Twitter)

Talk about topics that are among the main trends or that are under development are good ways to increase the visibility of the dialogue space.

Define your audience

Knowing what kind of people the Space is aimed at also allows us to know what kind of vocabulary that will be used, what will be the rhythm of the conversationthe tone of voice that will be used, among other details that can make the space a more interesting place for the audience.

For beginners, it is best to present a simpler approach dedicated to light themes to avoid inconvenience during the transmission. With time, the contents that are treated can be better and the connection with the audience will be greater.

Prepare your content

Although some people find it useful to completely improvise a TwitterSpace, the best and most recommended when making one is to plan the contents that will be discussed with a structure or list of topics. In addition, writing down some information to prevent it from being forgotten can help a lot in the development of the space.

Twitter allows Spaces broadcasts to be scheduled and published as posts on the social network (Twitter)
Twitter allows Spaces broadcasts to be scheduled and published as posts on the social network (Twitter)

If the live broadcast is in charge of a group of people, dividing the topics or preparing them together helps to make the group dynamics better and more attractive for the group. audience. A script would be nice, but it’s not something to submit to, rather take it as a guide. Natural conversations are better.

Inform your audience

People cannot be interested in a TwitterSpace from before it starts unless they’re told what it’s going to be about or when to expect one, so keeping them in the loop about new broadcasts will help build anticipation.

A publication can be made about when the Spaces are made or, if they are periodic, a schedule established in the biography of the profile so people know when they can be part of the conversation again.

Posting tweets about what will be talked about during the live broadcast is also a good way to prepare the audience for what you want to do during that time.

Twitter Space allows you to invite people to talk (Twitter)
Twitter Space allows you to invite people to talk (Twitter)

Find a comfortable and suitable place

To ensure the best possible sound quality, it is best to be in a quiet and peaceful place. That way the space manager you won’t have to fight against ambient background noise to get your voice heard properly.

It is important to make sure that this place has a good internet connection at the devices in which the transmission will take place, either by Wifi or via cellular data.

Practice listening skills

Including listeners is a good way to generate closeness, since everyone can have the same opportunities to be heard. The dynamics with them also help to increase the connection with the audience.

The sessions of questions and answers They can be a good option to be able to interact with the people who join the broadcasts, although for this you have to know who to give the microphone to.


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