Today’s name days: the list of saints to celebrate this October 2

Santoral (Infobae)
The Santoral remembers those who were characterized by their good deeds. (Infobae / Jovani Pérez)

A few decades ago, even centuries, the ancestors used to name their children with the name of the saint of the day they were born, not in vain in the famous “Mañanitas” there is a stanza that says: “Today, because it is your saint’s day, we sing them to you here…”.

The onomastic It is the day on which a saint is celebrated, although it is common for many people to use it as a synonym for birthdays, which is wrong, because when speaking of it, it only refers to the list of names of the saint. saintly.

Like every day of the year, this Sunday, October 2, also commemorates the women and men who stood out for having special connections with the divinities, who did good deeds for others, and who had high ethics and morals, reasons that led to being canonized or beatified and to form part of the saints.

Celebration of the day: Holy Guardian Angels

Guardian angel.  (Infobae File)
Guardian angel. (Infobae File)

The Holy Guardian Angels, also known as Guardian Angels, in addition to contemplating the face of God in glory, they have been given the function of assist and advise men on Earth, but through an invisible presence.

The existence of guardian angels has never been in doubt in the Church and they have always been revered, moreover, in the Holy Scriptures they have been mentioned on several occasions: an angel warns Lot of the danger that Sodom is running and the punishment that this city is going to receive; an angel helps the Prophet Saint Elijah and feeds him with bread and fresh water twice when he flees from the persecution of Queen Jezebel; in the New Scriptures an angel releases Peter from his chains and opens prison doors for him, and more.

It was Saint Thomas Aquinas who divided the angelic choirs into nine different categories: seraphim, cherubim Y thrones they form a Holy Trinity; dominations, who preside over the government of the Universe; the virtues, set the natural laws; the powers, fight against the power of demons; the principalities, protect the kingdoms and nations; the archangelswho defend smaller communities and angelswho take care of human beings. .

In addition to this character there are other saints and martyrs who are also venerated on this day, including:

San Beregiso de Andage

Saint Eleutherius of Nicomedia

Saint Saturius of Numancia

Saint Theophilus of Constantinople

Saint Ursicinus of Chur

Blessed Anthony Chevrier

Blessed George Edmund Rene

Blessed John Beyzym

Blessed Maria Antonina Kratochwil

Blessed Maria Guadalupe Ricart Olmos

How is a saint named?

<a class=Pope Francis visits the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio in L’Aquila, Italy, August 28, 2022. (Vatican Media/Handout via REUTERS)” height=”2362″ src=”” width=”3543″ />
Pope Francis visits the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio in L’Aquila, Italy, August 28, 2022. (Vatican Media/Handout via REUTERS) (VATICAN MEDIA/)

The saints are the set of people (women and men) who are venerated by the Church when they are proclaimed as saints or blessed in a certain date in the calendar.

On the path to canonization there are four steps: the first is to be appointed as a servant of God, the second is to be venerable; the third step is to be blessed and, finally, the fourth step is to be holy.

Beatification can only be achieved by the faithful who have died with a reputation for being saints in various places and this process can be carried out in two ways: through a cause of heroic virtues and the second is martyrdomthat is, if the person died because of their faith.

On the other hand, the process to become a saint implies adding the name of the person sanctified to the canon (list of recognized saints) and thereby allowing the believing community to worship him publicly and universally, while assigning him a liturgical festival, altars and chapels are dedicated to him and his power to intercede before God is recognized.

Although the Church has not given an exact number, it is believed that there are currently up to nine thousand recognized saints. According to Roman Martyrologyupdated in 2005, the Catholic Church has at least seven thousand saints, although the martyrs are not counted, so many think that the figure could even reach 20 thousand people.

In recent history, Pope John Paul II managed to canonize 388 saints, while Pope Francis has broken all records after canonizing 898 saints to date, 800 of them at the same time.


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