Tommy vs Givenchy: comparison of perfumes for different occasions

If we think of great men’s perfume brands, we will inevitably think of Tommy Hilfiger and Givenchy. Two names recognized worldwide for their excellent products in the world of fashion and accessories.

Tommy perfume and perfume givenchy They are among the main options of male buyers, thanks to the great adaptation of their proposals to different times of the day. But, what perfumes of each brand can we get?

Here is a comparison between the Tommy Hilfiger perfumes masculine and the Givenchy perfumes for men.

Tommy Fragrance

1. For the day

If we think of a tommy perfume for daytime use, we have to lean towards the Hilfiger EST 1985 recommendation. tommy gentleman perfume characterized by notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, grapefruit, rosemary and papaya.

Without a doubt, one of the great candidates to look the best in our daily responsibilities with a good duration.

2. For the afternoon

East Tommy Hilfiger perfume for men it is a competition worthy of the best Givenchy perfume, we refer to the Tommy 10, launched in 2006. It is a very popular fragrance and very successful in different age ranges.

It has a sweet sugar and red maple background that give it a good longevity to carry out all our activities in the afternoon before returning home.

3. For the night

For evening wear occasions, we recommend the tommy perfume TH Bold, an energetic and vigorous option belonging to a woody-aromatic olfactory family. It combines a certain lightness with a stamp of presence and personality that will not go unnoticed.

Although in the first instance we perceive its citrus and floral notes, then the woody background will appear that finishes defining its identity.

Givenchy perfume

1. For the day

If we are looking for a good Givenchy fragrance for men for the day, we have to decide on the Givenchy Pour Homme. It is one of the brand’s classics, sustained by its combination of notes of lavender, violet, tangerine and grapefruit.

An ideal perfume for traditional and elegant men, who can wear this perfume from the beginning of the day.

2. For the afternoon

The Gentleman is a perfume with a unique fragrance and style. a givenchy lotion ideal for men who are gentlemen and care to show themselves with good manners. Its notes of patchouli, leather and sandalwood stand out.

It must be said that it has a strong longevity and that it remains on the skin for several hours after being used.

3. For the night

The last Givenchy perfume for men that we are interested in recommending is for use at night, we are talking about the Xeryus Rouge, a somewhat riskier proposal. It was released in 1995 with the intention of representing eroticism and a wild spirit.

With notes of pepper, cedar and leather, it is the ideal option for a night of cocktails in which we seek to make the best possible impression.

After this comparison of two excellent perfume brands such as Tommy and Givenchy, it only remains to think about what time of day we want to have the best fragrance.