“Toñita beat us for doing drama, not for her dance”: Silverio and Sugey explode

Silverio Rocchi has always been honest in the reality shows in which he has participated. Therefore, when he was eliminated from “The stars dance in Today” he did not hesitate to show his anger and, moreover, he does not deny it but explains it.

“I got tired of being the smiling one, the one who never gets upset. The truth is, I’m angry. We didn’t deserve to be eliminated, we didn’t deserve to have come out this way,” says Silverio, who left the competition together with his partner, Sugey Ábrego.

“But there are no guilty, I am a self-critical person and I am satisfied with what I learned,” he concludes.

Sugey agrees with Rocchi and has very specific claims against the judges in his memory.

“Since we did the fox trot we deserved a ten. Then, with the merengue we put the level of difficulty very high. I leave with a bad taste in my mouth because the judges never mentioned the difficulties and the context of our work,” he said in relation because she was absent from two broadcasts.

Being eliminated, Rocchi and Ábrego lost by one point against the pair of Toñita and Tony Garza.

Silverio is clear about what happened since he considers that he and Sughey danced better than Toñita and her partner.

“That the other couple stayed was for drama, not because they had a better performance.”

Sugey agrees and even jokes: “That’s why I told Silverio that he had to have made drama from the beginning.”

Toñita, two weeks ago, reported that her daughter had a depressive episode that brought her to the brink of suicide and then had a strong fight with Emma Pulido, one of the most severe judges of “The stars dance in Today”.

Silverio explains: “I prefer that they talk about me because of my perseverance than because I’m doing drama… and I don’t speak badly about my classmates, I hope that Toñita’s daughter is fine, and someone who has been there tells you been rebuilt is something delicate and strong”.

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