Toñita is very angry: “Ema Pulido is a racist and spiteful!”

The indifference of Emma Pulido Before the choreographies that Toñita presents in Champion of champions, they make the so-called Negra de oro explode, who through TVyNovelas riddles the teacher with her strong confessions.

“I think the public has seen that there is a certain resentment from her towards us, it shows in her grades, it shows when she expresses herself. I think there is a preference, but now that the public has given us another opportunity to continue in the competition, we prefer not to focus so much on the lady’s comments, we already know that she is going to give us a 5, a 4, a 3, a 2 What matters is that people see that we are growing in level because they are the ones who decide,” said the former academic who ran out of the forum last Thursday while complaining about Pulido’s attitude.

As she told in full transmission, she was very affected by her daughter’s suicide attempt, who was also hospitalized.


“Today I’m calmer, I’m more relaxed, I was glad to mention madr… yesterday because I let off steam in a certain way, so, as Cinthia Aparicio says: ‘Wipe and a new account’, we’re going to continue,” he assured Friday after saving himself of elimination before the departure of Silverio and Sugey. However, despite the serenity that she showed a day after exploding on the program, Toñita maintained her position regarding the grades that she receives from the Iron Judge.

“The resentment that she feels towards me is because I have the courage to answer her and tell her her truths. Today, I did not want to apologize, because I think that a person who contributes to you and teaches you is worthy of respect, but someone who minimizes you, who sees your body, your standard and all that, well that does not deserve respect. All heads think differently. I am one of those people who falls down, but when I get up I do it with more force”.


From 1 to 10, how unfair has Ema been? The singer replied that perhaps a 9, because she, she assured, there is favoritism. “Nobody has been allowed to do the charge again that went wrong, only Ferka and Jorge, so that speaks of favoritism, his face even shines when he sees Jorge, what is the difference? We are brown? Is it racism? I don’t know, but it does make it obvious and I think it’s wrong.”

Faced with criticism from those who think that Toñita has magnified her problems, she defended herself in this way: “Remember that we are in a reality show, I cannot control the cameras, everything exploded at the moment it had to explode, many say that I I play the victim, but being in a hospital without eating, after a blow to the jaw, cold, because I was wearing sportswear, not being able to talk to a loved one, not being able to ask a brother for help, and being alone with your daughter hospitalized, believe me I would love to say that it is false, but I am living it, everything came together, in a month, the separation, what happened to my daughter.


The best therapy that Toñita can receive at this time is the reality show produced by Andrea Rodríguez. “The work is healing me, that’s why it bothers me that they tell me they didn’t feel anything. What happened on Thursday was not an anxiety attack, it was courage and frustration to see that I am giving my soul and they do not take it into account. Before I was stiffer, I didn’t do cleans, now that we’re doing things clean, she still doesn’t like them. In addition, saying pejoratives such as fat, cellulite, weak buttocks, weak belly, that does not help me as a contestant, it demerits me and does not motivate me, it makes me feel insecure. This happened to me on Saturday, did I say something?: No, if I had wanted to do drama I would call the production so they could bring cameras, but I preferred to keep my pain to myself, I didn’t say anything. Hearts of stone can’t be made to feel anything.”

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