Toño Mauri undergoes emergency surgery a year and a half after the lung transplant

A year and a half after undergoing to a double lung transplant after being infected of Covid-19 in 2020, Tony Mauri stepped on the hospital again and with it, he kept his family and followers on alert.

according to your son Antonio Maurithe actor underwent emergency surgery to correct an intestinal obstructionl. “Honestly, it’s already recovering from the operation, but thank God everything went super well”, explained in an interview with an entertainment program.

He recalled that the former member of the group Strawberries and cream started with very strong cramps one day in the morning and his family decided to take him to the hospital for a review. “We arrived very on time. The doctors determined that they were going to operate, that it was a bit serious and so they did it”.He indicated that his father will remain hospitalized for a few more days, as you recover. “They’re going to have to monitor it, let him eat and stuff like that, but he woke up today and he’s great.”

Antonio Mauri mentioned that this situation has nothing to do with the double transplant surgery that was performed on him, because his lungs are in good condition. It has to do with the gallbladder operation that was also done months before.

Some days ago, Tony Mauri wrote in his Instagram that he had returned to the hospital where he had been operated on because he underwent revisions of his transplant. “Completing a year and a half with my new lungs. Thank God, my donor and the doctors for this great miracle! To my family and all of you who keep asking for me THANK YOU”, wrote next to a picture of him outside the University of Florida Health Shands.