Toño Mauri undergoes emergency surgery

Toño Mauri’s son assured that his father came out of the operation well and is stable

The state of health of the singer and actor Toño Mauri worsened from one moment to another, since he was hospitalized in an emergency in Miami, United States for stomach pain.

After having successfully overcome a double lung transplant and surviving the aggressive symptoms of covid-19, now the former member of the musical group ‘Strawberries with cream’ had to undergo surgery, due to an intestinal obstruction, according to the son, Antonio Mauri jr.

“He woke up on Sunday morning, Father’s Day, with unbelievable cramps and pain. He tried taking things for his stomach and intestines, but nothing helped. So, we decided to come to the hospital to have him checked out,” he explained.

Toño Mauri’s son revealed that his father came out of the operation without problems and that, until now, his health is stable. However, there is no release date yet.

“Today he woke up. The truth is that, for all the pain medicine and everything, he is very sleepy, but yes, he wakes up in a little while. We already talked and everything and, thank God, very good spirits, “he said.

Finally, Antonio Mauri Jr. thanked the fans who are watching the actor and asked them to make some prayers for a speedy recovery of Toño Mauri, after being hospitalized in an emergency.