Top 5 of the most viral mental age tests on the internet

Mental age tests. (photo: Playbuzz)

Sometimes the biological age and mental age are the same but it also happens that other times they do not coincide. Many people are older but think they are younger or vice versa. What does the reader think about this? Are you doing the self test correctly? Well, if you want to know the real mental age, Infobae will present with 5 mental age tests.

The psychology of a person can change according to the circumstances of his life. Therefore, the mentality of an 18-year-old can be 30 or 40, if he has been given a different life than someone his own age. There are also people who feel younger than they really are. Therefore, the real age is very important if one feels well.

It is interesting that mental age is known because it says a lot about oneself: what it is like, how the person behaves and even how they interact with others. Mental age defines people as what they really are, what they want to do, what they want to work for, what they want to eat, etc. Without further ado, to answer one of these 5 tests (or whatever you want):

quiz 1

In this case, a user of Twitter shared this quiz with 20 different questions so that users have a good time and can determine if their mental age matches the real one.

This test consists of having several answers that are used to measure and evaluate mental age. The Twitter thread explains that there is no correct answer. You just have to answer according to the criteria, with what you really feel

Finally, the result will be obtained with the mental age of the person who has tried it. In order to do this test, you just have to get in this link.

Tests to know the mental age of people.  (photo: I like the internet)
Tests to know the mental age of people. (photo: I like the internet)

quiz 2

In the second test, like the first, a series of multiple-choice questions will be asked to which you have to answer. The questions are random and you may see questions that are very similar to those that have already been answered. Not to worry, this is all part of the scientific and highly technical process of testing.

Keep in mind that only the first answer can be accepted and then you can no longer change your mind. So it’s best to make sure you select carefully. However, from Infobae it is recommended that you do not think too much.

Normally, the first instinctive reaction is the most accurate and it will be the best reflection of the mental age. Taking too long to answer may mean trying to answer ‘young’ or ‘old’ to get a false result.

Simply, it is better to answer the first thing you feel and answer accordingly to get the best result of the mental age test. At the end of the mental age test we will show you a number, which will be your mental age. To answer the questions you just have to click on this link.

Tests to know the mental age of people.  (Photo:
Tests to know the mental age of people. (photo: mymentalage)

quiz 3

In this psychology test, a scale is offered to determine if the biological age coincides with the user’s mental age or if, on the contrary, the reader is an overly mature or immature person.

To perform this mental age test, you must answer according to whether the person feel more or less identified with the statements below.

These questions have great validity that make the following test an effective scientific test. Is the mindset of the reader that of a child or an adult? You just have to dare to discover it with this mental age test.

Tests to know the mental age of people.  (photo: Psychology Online)
Tests to know the mental age of people. (photo: Psychology Online)

quiz 4

In this test you will find 6 questions that describe the personality of the person doing it. Just be honest and you’ll know which result best describes the reader’s current mental age.

You don’t have to think about the answers for a long time. If you think the answer was not correct, you can always go back to any previous question and change it.

Of course, this test is not based on any type of scientific study. It is intended so that one have a good time, so don’t take the results too seriously. At the end of the game the results will be provided. To try the test you just have to Click on this link.

Tests to know the mental age of people.  (photo: Quizony)
Tests to know the mental age of people. (photo: Quizony)

Quiz 5

This mental age test was first published in November 2013. The original content is from Japan. It has currently been translated into 32 languages ​​and is one of the most shared web pages on Facebook Y Twitter.

According to its official page, many famous people have done this test. Also, the reports of Google Analytics indicate that more than 27,292,000 people from more than 156 countries have taken this test.

Furthermore, the creators of this test explain that they have improved their algorithm since its first release in 2013. According to the reactions of most users, the test is very reliable. Just have to enter to this link to answer the different questions and know the mental age of the person who tries it.

Tests to know the mental age of people.  (photo: Mymentalage)
Tests to know the mental age of people. (photo: arealme)


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