Trailer for ‘Back to Black’ released: this was Marisa Abela’s transformation to become Amy Winehouse

The film about Amy Winehouse will be released in theaters in mid-2024.

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The physical appearance of actress Marisa Abela as Amy Winehouse has left opinions divided among the singer’s fans.

After a long wait, finally The trailer for the biographical film about the life of Amy Winehouse was released. The revelation has generated divided opinions among fans of the unforgettable interpreter of ‘Back to Black’. Tapewhich bears the same name as their iconic album, is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnsonknown for her work on the controversial adaptation of ’50 shades of gray’.

Since the full cast of ‘Back to Black’ was announced, one of the most common comments on social networks was the choice of the actress Marisa Abela, 26, who, according to many, lacked the physical characteristics to play Winehouse. However, After seeing the first images of the biopic, many changed their mindsand Taylor-Johnson is confident he made a good decision, although he points out that Marisa’s choice was based more on a personal connection than on image.

In an interview with ‘Empire’, the director explained: “Marisa came in as Marisa, without absolutely any type of makeup or anything like that. She was very sweet and calm. And then I turned on the camera, she looked through the lens, and we were literally all like, ‘What?!’ We had seen some brilliant imitations, but she managed to align every fiber of her being with what Amy Winehouse was and is to many people. lived in it”.

Despite this, the followers of the singer, who is part of the tragic ’27 club’, did not stop making comparisons on social networks.

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When does the movie about Amy Winehouse’s life in Mexico come out?

‘Back to Black’, the film about the life of Amy Winehouse, will be released in theaters on April 12, 2024 in the United Kingdom. For the United States, the date will be different, since it will be available until May 10. ANDn Mexico, an exact date is not yet knownbut it is certain that it will reach movie theaters.

What caused Amy Winehouse’s death?

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse in real life.

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Amy Jade Winehouse passed away on July 23, 2011. The talented singer and songwriter was found dead in her London apartment at the age of 27. According to official reports, His death was classified as an “accident” due to excessive alcohol consumption., about 3 bottles of vodka. In addition, the young artist dealt with problems of depression, drug abuse and bulimia, although reports denied that he had used any particular drugs.