Travis Kelce takes advantage of his romance with Taylor Swift to become famous

  • Travis Kelce and his managers are working to make him as famous as The Rock

Travis Kelce would be making the most of his relationship with Taylor Swift, and according to DailyMail, the NFL star is looking to be as famous as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and has hired five agents in an attempt to boost his career and become a movie star, his managers revealed.

The Kansas City Chiefs player and twin brothers André and Aaron Eanes, promoters of the sports and entertainment industry, came together when Travis was still a student at the University of Cincinnati.

To date, the football player has starred in seven national television commercials, launched a clothing line with his team and co-hosts a podcast with his brother, Eagles player Jason Kelce.

While dating the world’s biggest pop star, Taylor Swift, wasn’t necessarily part of the plan, it certainly helped.

Since dating Swift, Kelce has been exposed to a whole new demographic. While previously her fan base was mainly limited to men, usually football fans, her new superstar girlfriend has helped him reach many more women along with different age groups around the world.