Travis Scott wanted by New York Police

Travis Scott is being wanted by the New York Police Department

The events happened yesterday night, February 28, at the Nebula nightclub in Midtown. According to the American media, the interpreter of ‘Sicko Mode’ “allegedly hit an audio engineer in the face and caused damage to his equipment for more than $12,000 dollars.”

Authorities confirmed the altercation to PEOPLE magazine, but did not identify the suspect; however, both TMZ and the New York Post reported that the assailant is 30-year-old Scott.

Travis Scott’s attorney, Mitchell Schuster, responded to TMZ’s request for comment, saying it was all a misunderstanding.

“While this is clearly a misunderstanding blown out of proportion by clickbait and misinformation, we are actively working with the venue and law enforcement to resolve and set the record straight. We are sure that our client will be cleared of any wrongdoing,” she noted.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Kylie Jenner’s ex-partner has been involved in a legal conflict, since the rapper still faces charges for the Astroworld tragedy; event in which ten people lost their lives due to a stampede in the crowd.

Scott offered to pay for the funeral services for the victims, however, the relatives of the victims refused to accept the help. The rapper is currently facing a lawsuit representing nearly 2,800 victims.