Tremble Tatiana! Iran Castillo reappears as a singer for children

Iran Castle.


The 47-year-old actress is very happy with her role as a children’s singer.

The actress of productions such as ‘Agujetas de color de rosa’, ‘My little naughty girl’, ‘Soñadoras’, ‘Class 406’, ‘SOS: I’m falling in love’, ‘The Mexican and the güero’ and ‘Enemigo Íntimo’, among Other times, she spoke to the media about her new role as a singer.

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I am very excited about this projectwe have been doing it and programming it for a while now. It’s called ‘The Castle of Iran’ and it’s super healthy music for children; contains songs and skits with puppets that we created, stories… I love children, I have always loved children very much. I had always wanted to do something with children. and as if it did not flow, but now it has flowed like water; my husband (Pepe Ramos, father of his son Demian, who was born in February 2022) She also sings and loves the project, my daughter (Irka) also loves it, the project is super familiar”.

I continue as an actress, I just finished a series and we continue acting and singing and everything… It’s a thriller called ‘Interrupted Games’, with melodrama and will have a little bit of comedy.”

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