Tribal violence in India: the army was deployed in Manipur and the authorities ordered “fire without warning”

Numerous buildings have been burned, including churches, in the context of these riots, as revealed by several videos uploaded to social networks (REUTERS / Stringer) (STRINGER /)

The India deployed this Thursday to the Army in the eastern state of Manipur to appease the violent protests that have broken out in the region as a result of a confrontation between tribal groups that has caused the burning of several buildings and the evacuation of thousands of civilians.

“The Indian Army and Assam Rifles (company) carried out major rescue operations to evacuate more than 7,500 civilians from all communities overnight to restore law and order in Manipur,” the Indian Army said in a statement today. Army.

Meanwhile, the Manipur authorities ordered the crowd to “shoot without warning” and impose a curfew to try to quell the tribal violence that has erupted in recent hours in the region, which has left at least six dead and up to 9,000. displaced.

Local authorities approved an order allowing police forces to fire without warning “in extreme cases in which all forms of reasonable persuasion, warning or application of force have been exhausted”, as reported by the newspaper ‘Times of India’.

The protests stem from a decision by the Manipur High Court, which on April 20 urged the ruling party to consider the inclusion of the Meitei tribe, that represents more than 50% of its population, in its list of registered castes, which would allow its members to access greater resources.

A possibility that met with strong rejection from the rest of the state’s tribal groups, who criticized that granting them special status would nullify the advantages it brings to people from minority communities like theirs.

Following the Court’s order, members of the rest of the tribes organized protests that have been growing in number and intensity in the last month, until both factions They collided yesterday during a march, giving rise to the spiral of violence that has engulfed Manipur.

FILE PHOTO.  India deployed the army in the eastern state of Manipur on Thursday
FILE PHOTO. India deployed the Army in the eastern state of Manipur on Thursday (Faisal Khan/Shutterstock/)

numerous buildings have been burned including churches, in the framework of these riots, as revealed by several videos uploaded to social networks.

In response, the government yesterday suspended Internet services for five days and imposed a curfew in various areas of the state, according to a statement from the regional authorities collected by the Indian media. Times of India.

However, the head of the Government of Manipur, biren singh, today he wanted to call the members of both groups to calm down, and assured in a statement shared on Twitter that the clashes were the result of a “misunderstanding between the two communities that has already been fixed” and added that the situation “will return to normal very soon.” normal”.

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